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Commission / Guidelines


My creations are not caricatures. I’ll kick your ass if you mention it. I create characters. You can be Queen, Captain or Pirate, whoever you feel inside. But do not expect to be pretty or prettier, you probably/maybe won’t be. My work is not about flattering ego but just about fun! Creating faces, telling stories is what makes me happy and hopefully makes you happy to see. We will work together to create the right ‘character’ inspired by you. Send me a selection of photos, portraits if possible, looking at the camera. if there is anything specific that represents you, jewellery, hat, clothes, hobby etc, let me know. 

Digital art 

Digital art is an artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as an essential part of the creative or presentation process. In simple words, I'll draw you digitally. The final piece will be 2 prints of the portrait in the format of your choice from A5 to A3. 

You need to provide several photos of the person AND the photo you would like to be used as the base of the artwork. 


TIMEFRAME: 10 days

PRICE: $260

From Photo to Digital Artwork


When you choose this option, it's because you love Art with a big A, and you probably appreciate the magic of the unpredictable and failable human hand. 


I'll need you to provide several photos of the person AND the photo you would like to be used as the base of the artwork. 


TIMEFRAME: 3 weeks


Please be aware, depending on the project and material  requirement on specific commission, price can vary. 

Example: 2 portraits on one painting etc...


90x60cm: $450 + optional custom frame $100

90x90cm: $550 + optional custom frame $110

120x90cm: $650 + optional custom frame $150


From Photo to Painting

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