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Portraitist Muralist Artist


My guilty pleasure is observing all the small details, wrinkles, marks, freckles, moles which somehow create a map of people's story and become a graphic pattern to me.


French artist Tankateo studied Fine Art and Design in the South of France where she learned academic drawing bases and digital technologies. 

In 2010 her graphic designer takes a turn when she starts her travel with her 'broken' English and her compact Canon camera. Based in Perth since she has refined her drawing skills to become a quirky portraitist and muralist.  


“I search emotions the face exudes, I look for the story behind the eye.”


In most of her work, Tankateo uses a mix of ink, acrylic and black pen. She claims that her impulsive temperament sometimes clashes with the time and patience needed to develop any academic technique such as oil paint. Playing with a little bit of everything is what makes her work unique, her husband Robert likes to joke about her, owning more tools than himself. 


Tankateo has illustrated 3 decks of playing cards she published as a limited edition of a hundred. She believes it shows a desire to blend practicality and aesthetics. She has been published in the Art book called Amazing Australian Artists, featuring 66 visual Artists based in Australia which opened her to new projects such as murals, workshops and more. 2016 marked the beginning of public events, murals around Perth and collaborations with different local Artists. 


Tankateo is now a mother of 2 and hasn't stopped pushing her creative boundaries. Her new home studio is allowing her to introduce new materials adding 3 dimensions to her work. Her practice is evolving towards a mixed media practice including wood, metal, repurposed objects and more. 


Based in Eden Hill 6054 Western Australia, Tankateo is planning to organise a monthly open studio day next year. 












"The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well." - Alfred Adler

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