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My guilty pleasure is observing all the small details, wrinkles, marks, freckles, moles which somehow create a map of people's story and become a graphic pattern to me.


At Tankateo's studio, you'll find a blend of traditional techniques, as well as more modern and unconventional ones. Since moving to Perth in 2010, she’s built a reputation as an artist who isn't afraid to take risks. French Artist with a flair for the dramatic, she initially studied fine arts and took on graphic design as a trade, which has given her an edge in terms of creating sharp concepts and experimenting with colour and shape.


Nowadays her work spans across diverse platforms and styles, from creating organic murals to painting distorted faces. Twice a year she collaborates with Perth French Theatre as a set designer, making props that bring a unique atmosphere to the stage. This type of projects often pushes her to thinks outside the box, resulting in unexpected visual experiences. 

Tankateo runs creative workshops with adults and kids based on exploring ways to express themselves through scribbles and organic shapes. The aim is making people feel that anything is possible with a dose of creativity and madness. 


Based in Bassendean, her recently built home studio allows her to balance her creative life with motherhood, wifehood and the rest of the ‘hood’. 


“I may be seen as a little bit mad sometimes, but that's what makes it worth it.”

"The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well." - Alfred Adler

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