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Commission / Guidelines


Please read my guidelines,

It will give you an idea of the process, from your initial idea to shipping. 


Commissions being a very delicate art form, it’s important that we understand what it involves. 


By commissioning a painting, the client is choosing me for my style, my colour range, stylisation and my quirkiness. The client will provide some information about what they have in mind, colours and any details that could help me find the magic in it. If there is any artwork of mine you fancy, feel free to mention it, it helps during the process. The way I paint is very instinctive, I do not know how a painting will look like when I start it, and so I cannot provide a final picture of how the painting will finish. Trust me. By ordering a commission the client has to be aware of the randomness of the creative process. 


Mural excepted, there is generally no money exchange beforehand ( except for particular material and large-scale painting), the client could not like what I have painted if it’s the case we can discuss what the client dislikes and see if it’s changeable. I allow one change. If unfortunately, it’s still not right, it means the painting has not achieved both side expectations and we call it out. -No refund on the material if paid in front-

In this case, the painting will be placed in Tankateo’s available collection of artworks for sale. 

As soon as the client accepts the painting as it is, we organise the full payment within a week before pickup by bank transfer. The pick up is from Tankateo’s studio in EDEN HILL Any delivery can be arranged within Perth region and is charged consequently to distance from EDEN HILL 6054. 


Shipping within Australia or overseas: a quote will be provided before the painting process, shipping Art could be expensive, that’s why we are giving you the postage fee when we agree on the format and before any further enquiry



Hopefully that makes the process of commissioning work a little clearer.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with questions.

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