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Want to learn how to use new art materials?

Or learn how to create your own quirky masterpiece.


Tankateo runs fun workshops for kids and adults, ( schools and private venue). It will start from the basics and travel to more complex tricks and tips. All ages and levels of experience are welcome in this workshop that intends to inspire people to explore their own artistic expression.

Tankateo provides her own step by step template that can be adjusted to your needs and goals. Starting from 3 hours to a full day, the essential is to have fun and learn something quirky and new!

Heading 1



Meet new people and feel the adrenaline during a Live painting, it's what Tankateo loves.

This is a fun and excellent entertaining show to add some interaction and colors to your event. Tankateo paints live in front of your guests. She won't need much, just enough space to work her magic, a stool and a table, despite her splashy style she is pretty tidy when she wants to be!



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