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FRONT: where creative energy meets the creative possibility of an empty shopfrontIn June 2023.

In June 2023, weekend shoppers in Perth’s CBD noticed something a little different on offer in a Forrest Place retail store.

Surf rolling into the city with a shiver—yes, really—of sharks. Giant tangles of blossoms, leaves and vines. Murals birthed by collaborative colour, walls papered with salvaged words, air animated by rap and performance.

And the collective energy of young people transforming an inner-city ‘blank canvas’ into art- forms that amplify their voices and explore themes of identity, wellbeing, nature and relationships to the city.

Welcome to FRONT, a free youth project which staged a creative takeover of an empty shopfront in the heart of Perth’s CBD.

Over three weekends during June, groups of 12 to 26 year old's collaborated with sculptors, poets, muralists and multidisciplinary artists on installations and activations aimed at helping foster a sense of wellbeing and connection to the urban environment. Passers-by could witness and interact with the evolving installations and outcomes in real-time, adding to the texture and atmosphere of the CBD experience.

FRONT was open to all for wandering, creating & relaxing 10-4pm each weekend. A space to book into creative workshops for young people, pop by for a drop-in workshop with the family, or just explore and relax in the space.

2nd Weekend: Sat 17th – Sun 18th June- Urban Landscapes and Street Art

Splash paint across the walls & bring a mural to life! Young emerging artists have worked with portrait and mural artist Tankateo to design a collaborative public artwork inside the FRONT space, and we want you to help paint it.

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