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SPRING Mentoring Program - Artsource

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Over a three-month period, Christophe Canato our mentor spent 8 hrs with 6 selected mid-career artists to develop new projects and career adaptation.

Our partnership evolved across the following areas:

  • Establishing the relationship - getting to know and learning from each other.

  • Setting the direction - how Christophe as a mentor will be able to help you progress

  • Progression - reflection, adjustment and accomplishment

  • Winding up - what is next in your respective careers

  • Moving on - remain as colleagues in the visual art sector.

“The mentoring program has been a real professional and human exchange thanks to Christophe. From day one, he has showed a real interest in my creative journey. His professional approach and personality have made the program very personal and clearly successful to me. Together we identified my goals and weaknesses. We defined numerous points I should focus on in the present and future. Christophe helped defining my identity as an artist and gave me fundamental keys to write a professional resume. We also worked on my artistic goals and how to reach them. The mentoring program has been beneficial in more than one way and I’m grateful for it.”


PHOTO: from left to right Tanka Teo, Natalie de Rozario, Christophe Canato, Natalie Blom, Annie Kavanagh, Timbo Roberts, Stella Sulak.

Big thanks to Sue-Lyn Adrian Moyle, Sandra Murray and Rose Barton.

With the support of Department of Local Government, Sport and Culture Industries

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